There was something you missed

A message to ‘Cholangio the Beast’

There was something you missed

Re-Published January 8th 2017
By Steve Holmes

It all happened in the briefest of moments.

Steve Holmes - Cholangio the beast“You busted through my front door in the dark of night, you wrestled me to the ground, repeatedly raping me to within seconds of my last breath, ‘Cholangio’ you left me for dead, cold and beaten, but I did not die, I still breath.

Cholangio you took so much from me, yet you left something behind.

As I struggled for my survival I found something deep within me that you could not see nor reach, my “Willingness” was still intact, protected within my centre. You and your cancer army could not reach what you could not see.

You pushed me to my edge but I did not go over. As I clung there with just a finger hold left on life, my mind unexpectedly calmed. From my edge I could see so much more than I had ever seen before, my “Looking Glass” had returned and I could see beyond your grip.

Cholangio I conceded to your unwanted grip, and as you rejoiced in your victory, you loosened your grip for just a moment, but a moment was all I needed, I re-engage and slipped your grip and the awaiting noose.

Cholangio I took that next step at speed without hesitation or condition. I continue to move forward with my Willingness’ and ‘Looking Glass’ in hand. I am not limited  or daunted by the convenience of proof. Yes I have learn’t that proof is born from within the Looking Glass. I know the dangers of an idle and convenient proof that can so easily disarm the pursuit of perfection.

Cholangio I am aware of your stealth, your shadow and your grip. I know you and you know me. I know your path, you know mine, I will always see your path, so that our paths remain as parallel.


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draw and write the story - that's what I did -Steve Holmes

A favour if I may! 

Claire has worked tirelessly to support our family through my huge cancer battle.

Claire's battle to save our family has taken her to the very edge on many occasions, yet she still found it within her to take the next step to keep it all together.

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Kind Regards

I have found writing to be one of the most empowering treatments in my journey, it evolved me forward, both grammatically and contextually. Perhaps more importantly, writing lifts me above the chaos, transporting me to a place where anything and everything is possible, as long as I remain open and willing to its reality. Opportunity finds the open door that my writing creates. Writing allows me to organize and see my thoughts, to see them as real, and to learn quickly from them.

As some will already know, I feel the responsibility of surviving an unsurvivable cancer. Sharing my own experiences, and what I have since learned because of them, has placed me at the very edge of a new revolution in cancer outcomes. I remain at this edge with my arms outstretched to pull as many back up to the safety of solid ground as I can. I cannot think of a better use of the opportunity that I have been given. Read more @

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