Steve Holmes

Gold Coast
Queensland Australia

Passionate Road Cyclist, enjoy the odd run, Golf when I can which is not often, enjoy watching Rugby, reading, and new tech innovations. Coffee on the sunrise and a pinot or two on the sunset – everything else in-between is negotiable.

Co-Founder CTK Next-Gen

The next generation in cancer patient research & response. Bridging the Cancer Abyss Beyond the Diagnosis.

CTK Developed Resources:

  • Global Research Wiki (Diagnosis & Patient-specific)
  • Patient Response (Cancer Toolkit)
  • Workplace Preparedness (Cancer Toolkit – Corporate)
Researcher of the Research

As a former stage 4 terminal CCA patient, I research credible scientific, medical, and patient research material, for the benefit of the newly diagnosed patient. I provide a highly targeted clean and concise conduit of top-down knowledge, translated to ensure greater patient understanding and choices when engaging with their medical professionals and beyond. I use this knowledge and experience to develop tools and resources that help patients help themselves.

Research Focus
  • Primary: Rare and Terminal GI Cancers, Patient Response and Preparedness.
  • Specialty: Tumour Immunology, Checkpoint Pathway, and The Patient Pathway 
Application of Research is the leading edge.

What’s the point of medical breakthroughs and advances if they do not reach the coalface of the cancer battle in a timeframe that matters to today’s patients?

So in very simple terms, my contribution is two-fold (1) Ensure that today’s breakthroughs are converted from medical speak to actionable patient speak. (2) All relevant and actionable knowledge reaches the coalface of the cancer battle as quickly as possible. Both these two actions will contribute to more patient success by today’s measure.

So as you can see, I live and work at an exciting new intersection created by Immunology and Technology, driven by the increasing medical science breakthroughs, and willingness for greater patient participation.

Expertise – Focus – Projects
Tumor Immunology

The interaction and pathways between the immune system and tumours

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Discovering DNA & RNA sequences from biopsy tissue samples reveals the specific mutations that are driving cancer growth

The Checkpoint Pathway

Using the body’s own immune system to target & eliminate the mutations that are driving the cancer’s growth.

MMR/dMMR (d = deficient)

Mismatch Repair genes are our Body’s DNA Spell Checkers

MSI: Microsatellite Instability

Microsatellites are tracts of repetitive DNA –
Instability creates repetitive unchecked mistakes

PDL-1: Program Death Ligand 1

Checkpoint (Proteins) switch on or off an immune response

TMB – Tumour Mutational Burden

The number of mutations within a cancer growth

Medical Research meets patient research

So I am a little bit of a mix of all these things. I find myself at an intersection of topics that bring insights that can be applied to the Newly Diagnosed Patient’s ability to continue creating better quality responses to a serious cancer diagnosis.

We are also quickly improving how to translate and transition today’s best cancer knowledge & research breakthroughs into today’s Patient Choices.

When the physician has no option to offer other than palliative care, then what happens next? Typically there is nothing except the awaiting abyss of chaos and overwhelm.

This is an area that I am personally well equipped to contribute to.
Providing structure and process beyond the diagnosis contributes to the fast-evolving best practices in patient response. This essentially independent and neutral process will ensure that patients are well informed on all their options local or global, leading to higher patient success.

My primary Focus, Effort & Direction.

Helping patients bridge the cancer abyss by providing them with resources and options beyond the diagnosis. This will lead to more patients having more choices which in turn leads to more patient success.

Cancer Response
View Cancer Toolkit

The Cancer Toolkit is a series of digital toolkits (Roadmaps) designed to educate, equip and empower the Newly Diagnosed Patient improving their capabilities to mount an effective and robust response to a serious or terminal diagnosis.

The Toolkit series provides several unique advantages, including its ability to seamlessly build and align the patient’s typically unprepared community of supporters with their effort.

The Patient Toolkit helps patients bridge the cancer abyss by providing them with am immediate plan to begin, and a proven roadmap to guide them beyond the diagnosis.

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A Centralised Cholangiocarcinoma Community and knowledge hub by Patients and Caregivers for Patients and Caregivers. Its primary focus is to educate, equip and empower the Newly Diagnosed Patient and Caregiver, by providing them with a proven road map to best outcomes.

My distraction from the cancer world


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“It’s we Villagers that build our Village, a Village for the Villagers, by the Villagers”
An expectation that inspires responsibility and contribution.

The Villager enables visibility, voice, and the pursuit of grassroots community potential – The Villager empowers this effort.

Another distraction – you gotta love where you live.

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