About Steve Holmes

Steve is an ‘Active Lifestyler, Villager, Entrepreneur, and more recently a Cancer Super-Responder.

Road cycling, running, community, and cancer communication are his centre. His purpose and passions are one, a way of life that provides him clarity and direction – In Steve’s words –

“Having my purpose and passion in harmony, as one, allows my willingness to more easily rise up from within, it gives my dreams, visions, and aspirations a solid pathway to outwardly express themselves – to find their reality.”

Steve has for over 25 years specialized in developing urban retail and industrial village environments. In recent years due to a succession of unexpected health challenges, he evolved this experience to include targeted information technology – “Smart Localism” and developing Smart Villager Community ecosystems have risen up from this.

November 2016, Steve was given a terminal cancer diagnosis  (Liver /Pancreatic) with less than 6 months to live. He then endured 25 hours of significant surgeries to remove multiple organs, but the cancer continued to spread throughout his liver and lungs. At stage 4 and metastatic he was thrown a “Hail Mary Pass” by Dr Matthew Burge and Merck in California. With only weeks if not days to live Steve became a super responder, “one of the 1% of the 1%.” of all cancer survivors. Stunningly, it took just 3 days to respond, and he became a part of the cancer cure equation. Steve became Merck’s second-ever patient to survive and fully clear a metastatic stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma.

Lemons to Lemonade

Now equipped with a very intimate knowledge of cancer mutations and targeted therapies, Steve began developing a world-first, Peer to Peer Mutational Match Making platform. (ie Mutational Tinder) where Patients from anywhere on the globe can connect and potentially meet. Patients are matched by their specific genomic mutation or combination of mutations. This idea was the result of multiple patients contacting Steve due to his cancer and mutation type – they wanted to learn and share, to increase their own survival chances.

Dr. James Allison’s (2018 Nobel Prize winner) Checkpoint pathway inhibitor breakthrough, turned fiction into fact.  A truly amazing “penicillin moment” in modern medical history. It opened up a landscape of Molecular and genomic profiling of the patient’s biopsy (tissue sample) using NGS – Next-Gen Sequencing. It created a road map and a torchlight to target and eliminate the exact mutation causing creating the cancer growth.