Sometimes great achievements can only come at the expense of other people’s realities. I have found that being a little unrealistic has helped me see beyond the limitations of those realities.

Gold Coast,
Queensland, Australia.
Kiwi-born Waikanae, New Zealand

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“Sometimes great achievements can only come at the expense of other people’s realities. I have found that being a little unrealistic has helped me see beyond the limitations of those realities.”

Founder of Cholangiocarcinoma Australia and The Cancer Toolkit resources that help reduce unnecessary and avoidable cancer deaths by better equipping and empowering people ahead of or in response to a serious cancer event.

Editor of “The Villager“ the email newsletter magazine that champions Localism leading Globalism. The change is underway!

My areas of experience and focus ~
  1. Tumor immunology,
  2. Clinical Trials
  3. The Checkpoint Pathway
  4. The Patient Pathway
  5. Bridging the abyss beyond the diagnosis
Tumor Immunology

The interaction and pathways between the immune system and tumors

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Discovering DNA & RNA sequences from biopsy tissue samples reveals the specific mutations that are driving cancer growth

The Checkpoint Pathway

Using the body’s own immune system to target & eliminate the mutations that are driving the cancer’s growth.

MMR/dMMR (d = deficient)

Mismatch Repair genes are our Body’s DNA Spell Checkers

MSI: Microsatellite Instability

Microsatellites are tracts of repetitive DNA –
Instability creates repetitive unchecked mistakes

PDL-1: Program Death Ligand 1

Checkpoint (Proteins) switch on or off an immune response

TMB – Tumour Mutational Burden

The number of mutations within a cancer growth

Medical Research meets patient research

So I am a little bit of a mix of all these things. I find myself at an intersection of topics that bring insights that can be applied to the Newly Diagnosed Patient’s ability to continue creating better quality responses to a serious cancer diagnosis.

We are also quickly improving how to translate and transition today’s best cancer knowledge & research breakthroughs into today’s Patient Choices.

The Cancer Toolkit is a community of toolkits with the patient toolkit at its center.

The Patient Toolkit provides a road map and flashlight to guide the patient from the moment of diagnosis, ensuring that priority-must-do tasks are checked off in the order that they must be done.

The greatest enemy to a “Newly Diagnosed Patient” with a serious cancer is “Not knowing what you do not know.” The greatest resource is to “Begin knowing.” Just as science is helping uncloak how cancer evades our immune system, I am helping uncloak “what you do not know.”

As simple as this concept may have seemed it was very well received by the patient’s caregivers, giving rise to the need for additional toolkits, that synchronized and guided a typically unprepared and ill-equipped community of supporters.

Harnessing and synchronizing the effort of the many is a powerful X-factor resource for a patient challenged by serious cancer.

The Next Generation in patient success is coming from those who are managing to bridge the cancer knowledge abyss & as a result increase participation in their own treatment process.

So that’s what the Cancer Toolkit helps with, it bridges that knowledge abyss and empowers a community of supporters around the patient effort.

The CTK Objective
  1. Helping to reduce unnecessary and avoidable cancer deaths, by better equipping patients ahead of or in response to a serious cancer event.
  2. Increasing longevity and sustainability by providing current, organized Information directly to the newly diagnosed patient at the point of diagnosis.
The CTK Mission

Awareness is the best preparedness and response resource we have against a serious cancer event.

  1. Insert the Patient Toolkit as an integral component at the point of diagnosis
  2. Insert the Community of Toolkits into the workplace to better equip employees ahead of an unexpected cancer event. This will also help employers in managing a workplace impacted by a cancer diagnosis, and mitigate workplace disruptions and productivity loss.
Toolkit Applications
  • Patient
  • Patients Support Community
  • Oncologist & Surgeons
  • Hospitals & Medical Centres Patient orientations
  • Telehealth orientation outpatient services
  • Telehealth delivery
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • Employers
  • EAP Services
  • Health Insurers
  • Retirement Villages
  • Lifestyle Villages
  • Government

When the diagnosing physician has no option to offer other than palliative care, what happens next? typically there is nothing except the awaiting abyss of chaos and overwhelm. This is an area to that I am well equipped to contribute.

There are 2 very critical thresholds that a patient must face when confronted with a serious and life-ending cancer challenge. Bridging the Abyss and Beyond the Diagnosis. These two thresholds defeat many before they begin. Awareness is a great starting point.

  • Bridging the Abyss – The abyss looms up large at the point of diagnosis – its vortex is as crippling as cancer itself.
  • Beyond the Diagnosis – Beyond your physician’s office – what is your next step what are your options.

As any cancer patient knows – the Abyss reaches out and sucks you into its chaotic vacuum of overwhelm. To be forewarned and forearmed provides critical advantages in achieving the best possible outcomes.

The real value is in an aware and prepared community, a community that knows how to respond. Fundraising and Charity efforts very often absolve and cleanse the collective conscience and overshadow the real value that the community has to offer.

Cancer is a significant and increasing disruptor in our community, so putting “community back into cancer” is to lead the response that helps reduce unnecessary and avoidable cancer deaths. My role is to develop and implement resources that better equip people, the community, and the workplace ahead of or in response to a serious cancer event, The Cancer Toolkit is a good example of this.

Local leading global is the next big wave.

Decades of successful globalization has decimated our core local grassroots culture and potential.

Re-empowering and enabling the grassroots villager community and its potential (s)
“It’s we Villagers that build our Village – a village for the villagers by the villagers.”

Change is the primary symptom of evolution

Embrace change and see the opportunity within it, or change will certainly embrace you with all its chaos and overwhelm.”

Lemons to Lemonade

Lemons to Lemonade has always been at the center of our evolution and community culture.

Evolution is who we are individually and collectively, evolution creates a state of constant change. The pace of change in recent decades has only increased and as consequence is stretching our coping mechanisms which in turn is contributing to triggering more cancer (& other) events. The irony within this, is we are also seeing greater life-extending interventions, generated at a new intersection created by Genomic Profiling, Medical treatment breakthroughs, and a greater willingness by patients to learn and engage with their physicians and treatment process. There is also a greater willingness to re-engineer the historic top-down communication conduit to ensure patient empowerment.

Responsibility begins with the individual

At a very local grassroots level, Claire and I have established the “not-for-profit” “The Main Beach Foundation” (TMBF) to rebuild future community potential and responsibility which extends to putting “Community back into Cancer”. Helping communities to help themselves is a significant x-factor contribution to the evolution of future patient success and indeed the success of community in itself!