Smart Localism, Immmunology, Mutational Match-making, and NGS Genomic Profiling, a brave new world of opportuniies

Business profile and insghts

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I began my working life in pursuit of golfing glory on a plus 2 handicap. The romance of stardom on the 18th green was always very compelling at the age of 17. However, what wasn’t so compelling was sleeping in the back seat of my old Vauxhall, hidden in some remote cornfield or paddock. I cannot remember how, but on that back seat were two books, Bob Jones on Property and Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” These books influenced a shift in my aspirations as the word entrepreneur and all its benefits loomed large. Since then, I have gone on to build, acquire, and sell several businesses.

Centralising, simplifying and connecting informational resources has always been central to my business success. As technology has advanced its practical application, and dramatically increased its uptake at the grassroots of society, I have been able to participate in new solution-based opportunities.

1. Smart Localism* Relocalising and Remepowering the local – Localism leading Globalism.

2. NGS – Peer to Peer Mutational Matchmaking. Connecting and Empowering the global patient community. This is the Next-Generation in Patient Health Technology and a significant part of the cure equation.



Why Villages? Villages are more efficient in coming together around common and shared values, visions, and aspirations. Villagers are more willing to pitch in and take responsibility for their village environment. Communities are less efficient in achieving this.

A Village for the Villagers, by the villagers.

Smart Localism – localism leading globalism, developing Villages for the Villagers, by the Villagers. Smart Villager Cultures that relocalise and re-empower the Local from the grassroots up. Smart Localism leverages the attributes of globalisation to the benefit of the local grassroots Villager. We justt help make this happen.

The key pillars.
  1. Centralise:  Centralising and simplifying the community’s assets and resources, galvanises the Village identity, relevance.
  2. Chatter: Build the chatter and Villager Vibe around this centre
  3. People become Villagers: Surround the Village platform with people of character and talent, ‘Villagers’ who collectively share the same values, purpose, and aspirations. People who can transform it all to the next level.
Model /Platform

Current View Destination Main Beach

Main Beach has been our beta and template community, and we have recently begun scoping out other Destination Village opportunities.

Villager to Village technology platforms, provide a foundation and visibility for community voice and identity. Happy Villagers build a healthy community.


The Next-Gen Sequencing

The pursuit of the cancer cure has shifted. Science has now unlocked the central battleground of cancer. Identifying the specific mutation(s) that is driving a cell’s cancer growth is a game-changer. Historically cancers have been conveniently identified by generic names and grouped together for more a more general treatment approach.

(NGS) Next-Generation Sequencing spotlights the exact mutation(s) driving a diseased cell’s cancer growth. This spotlight provides a roadmap and a pathway to target treatments that subdue or eliminate them. NGS has created visibility where historically there has been none and has lead to the development of multiple new highly targeted immunotherapy treatments.

Next-Gen Patient

Patients are gaining information power. More and more patients are now engaging molecular and genomic profiling laboratories to analyze their tumor tissue to identify the specific mutations that are driving their cancer growth. Content removed – please contact Steve directly
The quickest and most efficient method of saving lives is to connect patients to today’s medical breakthroughs, today.

2015 -A modern medical miracle not witnessed since the discovery of penicillin.
Prof. James Allison discovered the CTLA-4 and PD-1 Checkpoint Pathways, The first-ever cancer cure outside of successful surgery.
The world’s biggest killers –
  1. Lack of today’s current scientific and medical success information, reaching the newly diagnosed cancer patient today.
  2. Newly diagnosed patients assuming that all Oncologists are equal and current.
  3. Not being Genomically Profiled for mutations, which are then matched to current immunotherapy treatment options.

For more detail, please contact me directly



The Cancer Toolkit is the collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom from the globally connected patient. A  peer to peer, patient to patient digital toolkit series for the newly diagnosed patient and their support community. A checklist of “Must Do’s that will give them a vital head-start to better outcomes.

Further Details

Since the mid 90’s I have had a very fortunate journey in developing and holding New Zealand commercial property, via a family property trust & fund.

Areas of operation

  • Tier One Urban Central:
    Mixed-use retail/hospo. Examples: Monteiths Breweries and other, Restaurants, TAB’s and associated hospo retail.
  • Industrial: City/Urban Mix-Use:
    Village Precincts, Free-Holds, and Free-standing. Government and Private sector.
  • Executive Resi-Spec Developments:
    250 free-standing independent living executive retirement homes. (non-village)

Other Activities

2016 – 2020: I have spent the majority of my time in hospital ICU’s, Surgical Wards, and Treatment facilities. I continue to be a participant on the international Keynote trial 158 until 2023.

2020 has delivered a new inflow of strength, that has allowed me to venture back onto the “business paddock” and re-orientate back into the ebb and flow of people in business. My key challenge is to get my body and mind back into sync, and regain that natural free-flowing confidence prior to cancer.

My focus now is to discover my new relevance and contribution values from the fusion of past skills and experiences with the new.

I am more the Entrepreneur in business than the Businessman in business. Having said that, I am very disciplined and not given to stray off course. I value the “Remarkable & Resourceful” efforts over the “Good – OK & Acceptable.” I value the “Pursuit of Perfection” more than the perfection itself.

I see myself as an ‘Active Lifestyler’ who loves to run, ride and linger at the after-match coffee. A special place of tall tales and massaged facts, that unlocks and builds relationships, especially in business or similar.

I am good at  –
  1. Identifying interesting ideas then finding amazing people to turn them into a reality. I enjoy helping businesses grow and becoming part of the success and rewards. To see what others cannot can be very uplifting.
  2. Taking Risks that fit within my experience landscape. I always look for the downside and how I can protect myself from that.
  3. My best Biz Model fit – Smaller high margin monopolies: Small unattended market segments with no competition and within my scope of acquired experience. I find this to be the best environment to create a small high margin monopoly. If the monopoly proves itself financially, I then try to figure out a way to scale it out from there.
I am not good at  –
  1. Highly competitive low margin environments
  2. I am not the perfect competitor-styled entrepreneur.