Steve Holmes

I Love Road Cycling, Running, & Rugby – coffee on the sunrise and a pinot or two on the sunset. On the other side of that coin, I equally enjoy aspiring to higher achievements, especially within biotech, NGS, Epigenetic and genomics.



Originally from Waikanae, New Zealand, we moved to the Gold Coast in 2005. Claire and I have been happily married since 1989, we have 2 children, Zach – London, Georgia – Australia.



Our Story



  • The Villager (Email Magazine)
    This is our contribution to our amazing community of Main Beach

The Foundation

Uniquely Patient-led initiative with a deep knowledge and understanding of the patient journey. Recognized as Australia’s essential hub for Cholangiocarcinoma knowledge, support, and education, we bridge and align the interests of patients, their support networks, medical teams, industry, and scientific partners to to improve patient survival.

  • Managing Director and Chief Executive:
  • I developed the ‘Patient-Integrated Response Process’ and ‘Optimal Cancer Response,’ and created the ‘Patient Navigator Journal Series’ to better equip, empower, and align patients, and their medical teams and support community.
  • Current Project Personal Project “The Book of Cholangio”
  • Participant Member EWG: NSW Expert Working Group tasked with the development of the optimal cancer care pathway for Cholangiocarcinoma in Australia – led by Professor John Zalcberg and Professor David Goldstein
  • Foundation projects: targeted mutational research, early detection, professional registries, and more.