Inform-munotherapy, a life saver.Inform-munotherapy, a life saver.Steve Holmes outlines the Inform-munotherapy that helped save his life and re-established a future.



My Simplicity Tips

Simple choices

  1. Acceptance – A toughie, but the quicker the better
  2. Be Willing – Do not let the absence of proof become your excuse
  3. Empty out the old story and write yourself into new story – be creative

momentum is life and momentum is of the body and of the mind – they are both important in their own right. When they both fall into sync it’s life’s magic mix right up to our last conscious breath.

Simply what is your

  1. Contribution Value
  2. Relevance
  3. Asset

Simple Living

Eat Light | Move Light | Play Light

Overriding unnecessary complications.

The Simplest and best fishing is found in the least crowed pool. The fish find your baited hook with ease.When the Pool gets popular, it becomes a great opportunity for you to find a new pool.


An ABC / 123 Process

Empty out and reorganise what comes out.

A renewal process – a continuum of our evolution and relevance.

Chapterise it

Create basic compartments (Chapters) to dump it in.

Dump it – a human download.
  1. Dump it, and dump it hard and fast
  2. Resist the urge to organise as you go – just dump it.
  3. It lightens and unlocks – enjoy this empowerment that is free of rules or restriction.
Centralise it –  Chapter by chapter
  1. Pull everything to a centre for each chapter
  2. Pull all the fragmented familiar knowledge, experiences and wisdoms.
  3. Pull all the new and unfamiliar to be added or assimilated
Sift and Simplify
  1. Bullet point the must keeps.
  2. Chapters have “Sub” Chapters  – create them to further re centre everything
  3. This takes time – Weeks to Months.
Redefine all the chapters centres
  • Create a Chapter by chapter Helicopter View
  • Simplify each chapters relevance into bullet points
  • Create highlights to further re-define the new familiar
Repurpose and Reactivate
  1. The regenerated centre is now easy to see and further refine over time
  2. Repurpose each chapter in Actions of  3’s
  3. Identify just 3 things, create ideas and scope and reinvigorated direction around them.
Pick one thing and start

Take the next step and the one after that until momentum reaches out an engages, lifting you up and beyond the moment, transcending and unlocking.
A simple repeatable and transformational process. – It changes outcomes, it changes lives.


Thoughts inputs and Thinking outputs
Thoughts activate the Thinking process
  1. Thoughts are the Inputs from the familiar’s and unfamiliar’s of our environment.
  2. Thought inputs feed my Imagination – Inputs of Familiar and Unfamiliar.
  3. Imagination unhooks from the present realities, generating a higher level of thought. Imagination is like an organ of our mind Organ’ with infinite collisions and impacts from all our inputs.
  4. Collisions and Impacts create new derivative inputs with many more possibilities and collisions.
  5. Creativity is the expression of our imaginations possibilities.
  6. Our Sweet Spot is becomes our new centre of acceptance in the ecosystem.

Thoughts are microbursts energy that flash across our conscious mind, give them life before their time has passed. Write them down.

The Imagination – an organ of our mind?

Input Clogging

  1. Being aware reduces clogging and increases efficiency
  2. Being aware develops new stronger neuro pathways
  3. Being unaware clogs and reduces
Think of Thoughts as molecular TAT cells

Thought Activated Thinking

  1. TAT Cells are in constant evolution, colliding, dividing and multiplying at the speed of thought squared.
  2. TAT Cells are our epigenetic being.
  3. TAT Cells have checkpoints in the cycle to eliminate mutated thoughts as they occur.

Content Source: “My Walk with Cholangio the Beast” SAGH: 2016
Author: Stephen Allan Gamble-Holmes

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