Other Activities

Global Mutational Matchmaker

Biotech project in development partnership with USA based tech

Details withheld

Characteristics of project

  • DNA – RNA – Protein
  • Primarily Genomic Sequencing aligned to NGS
  • Code sequencings – technology
  • Match modelling patient to patient

In basic language – “a tinder platform for Mutational dating”

If you have interest in this sector – please contact me directly Steve +61415153522 or steve@steveholmes.net.au

The Cancer Tool Kit

A series of very simple online (mobile) tool kits, designed specifically for each person impacted by a cancer patients diagnosis. One cancer diagnosis creates an instant pop up and unsuspecting support community. Many moving parts with great intentions that need guidance and co-ordinated effort around a central curative theme.

A fantastic resource that is compiled from the Collective Knowledge, Experiences and Wisdoms of a globally connected community of patients and caregivers. No patient should being their journey before ticking of the 6 must do’s in the “Patient Tool Kit”

CCA Australasia



A Patient and Caregiver Knowledge hub, for “Newly Diagnosed Patients and Caregivers” and their supporting community. The hub collects Simplifies and centralises critical and potential lifesaving information. CCA Australasia is connected to a Global Patient & caregiver Community 24/7.

Cholangiocarcinoma is a primary cancer of the bile ducts. Bile ducts begin within the liver. Alongside Pancreatic cancer, Cholangio-carcinoma – (abbreviation CCA) is the most hostile of all cancers. It is from the adenocarcinoma family which originate within our mucus secreting-glands that line and protect our vital organs. Bile Ducts are one of those organs.

Cholangio is able to invade these organs with stealth and speed, and typically goes undetected until a late stage 4 outcome. CCA is very aggressive and quickly impacts the following organs  . . .* There is no early detection test of this cancer.

  • Liver
  • Gallbladder,
  • Stomach,
  • Pancreas
  • Duodenum
  • Lungs

Other Skills and Experience

1985 to 1995

10 Years Residential Property 

  • Development
  • Investment
  • Specialised in Executive retirement – non village

1995 to 2010

15 Years Commercial 

  • Development
  • Investment
  • Contract Structuring + negotiations
  • Structuring Trusts -Property + Family
  • Brokering – handing on or off assets

Specialised in

  • Concept Hotels, Bars and TAB facilities $2 to $10 million range
  • Hospitality, associated retail and restaurant $1 to $3 million range
  • Light mixed use Industrial Villages $3 to $20 million range

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Strava Club .
What is Ride Gold Coast ?

A central village hub for all things cycling on the Gold Coast –

Group Rides, Chat Room for meeting Cyclists, Cycling Adventures and Destinations, Events, Buy Sell and more.

A Nirvana packed with fit, healthy and insanely good looking cyclists like nowhere else on the planet! Be Smart! come pedal in Paradise with us.
If you would like to Buy or Sell try our Bicycle Market Gold Coast 

cycling in paradise - Ride Gold Coast
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What is Cycleevents ?

A Villager styled community centred around road cycling events across Australia and New Zealand

305 Events

Interesting note – Rotary are the largest event provider

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cycling in paradise - Ride Gold Coast
Steve Holmes – Profiled