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What we do for you
Centralising, simplifying and delivering immunology and immunotherapy information to the Newly Diagnosed Patients, Caregivers and their support community.

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Immunotherapy provides a new frontier of opportunity in the cure of cancer. “We are now seeing the word ‘Cure’ and the word ‘Cancer’ used in the same sentence, this is the most exciting breakthrough in medicine since the discovery of penicillin.”

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UPDATE – Tedder Eats
We are currently implementing a trial by request from food businesses within many villages –
As a direct response to Uber Eats 35% cost out we are trialing Tedder Eats – also Paradise Point Eats and Chevron Island Eats – a Deliveroo styled approach, with a Flintstones styled effort!

Destination is downstreamed from the global “Destination” brand.
Villages are the essential ecosystem that exists within every community suburb – “it’s the Villagers that create their village”

Destination Villages is a licensed membership package which provides a suite of services to participating suburbs.
The Village suite of services is centered around the email platform which is supported by a village Chat Lounge and Village Knowledge Hub that houses all articles and resources.

Revenue streams are per licence, and service packages provided. Licences are yearly subscriptions paid monthly paid and services are paid add-on’s.

Example Suburb
Destination Main Beach
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| Chat Lounge | Local Rag 

Scale of Suburb Communities

    • 81 – Gold Coast
    • 3800 – Australia
    • 15 -20,000 Towns within Australia

Our model also attracts

    • Retirement Villages,
    • Golf,
    • Equestrian,
    • and even Mining sites

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