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Aligning my Cancer and my Business is an art

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Destination Main Beach is a suburb of the Gold Coast that we transitioned back into a good old fashioned Villager styled community.
This was so successful that other suburb communities wanted us to help them do the same  – so we formalised our model  and created Destination Villages to deliver this.

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Aligning my Cancer and my Business is an art

Destination Villages provides communities with a platform to build and deliver their own brand of Villager styled newsletters and magazines.
It originated from the success of our Destination Main Beach model.

Scale of Suburb Communities

    • 81 – Gold Coast
    • 3800 – Australia
    • 15 -20,000 Towns within Australia

Our model also attracts

    • Retirement Villages,
    • Golf,
    • Equestrian,
    • and even Mining sites

Our Typical client’s are passionate 
People, Businesses and Organisations within these communities

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Steve Holmes – Profiled

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  • Phone/Text Steve: +61415153522
  • Phone/ Text Claire: +61431180783
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What is the Cancer Tool Kit ?
A series of Tool Kits tailored specifically to each person impacted by a serious cancer diagnosis, beginning with a Tool Kit for the Patient, and a separate tool kit for their Caregiver.

A pop up Community

When a person is diagnosed with a serious cancer it immediately creates a pop up community of concerned love ones at its centre and quickly ripples outward to friends, work colleagues and the wider community. The Cancer Tool Kit Series works to address this providing specific tool kits solutions, all of which are designed to sync back to one harmonious and curative theme.

There is significant power, perhaps magic within a community who move in harmony to achieve one common goal.

The Cancer Patient and Caregiver community

The Tool Kits are designed from the collective of experiences, knowledge and wisdoms derived from “our Globally Connected Patient and Caregiver communities.” A gift forward to the Newly Diagnosed Patient and Caregiver, from those who have successfully navigated the challenge in overcoming cancer.

A Peer to Peer Gift from Patient to Patient & Caregiver to Caregiver.
Delivering todays potentially curative and lifesaving knowledge today. Delivering the choices and opportunities directly into the hands of the newly diagnosed patient and caregiver.

Steve Holmes – Profiled

CCA Website .
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Steves Facts
What is CCA?

A Centralised Knowledge Hub
by Patients and Caregivers for Patients and Caregivers.

What is Cholangiocarcinoma?

A Cancer of the bile ducts an aggressive Liver subset.
Bile Ducts start within the liver and connect to the Gallbladder, Stomach lymph Nodes, Pancreas and Duodenum and as a result CCA is often mistaken as Pancreatic cancer. They are inherently the same cancer with CCA having a larger reach and impact leading to poorer survival outcomes.
The current patient survival average is just 6.8 months, with less than 8% surviving 5 yrs if localised or 1% if it is metastasized (Spread.)

What CCA Australasia does

We simplify and deliver targeted information to the Newly Diagnosed Patient and Caregiver. Empowering them with todays potentially life saving information, TODAY!

What Steve does
  • Patient Mentor (Global)
  • Specialises in Patient immunology knowledge and its application
What Claire does
  • Caregiver Mentor / Supporter (Global)
  • Claire is conversant in Trial Language, options and opportunities
Contact Details
Steve –  brief patient history
  • 25 Hours of surgeries including a full, including a 12 hr whipple
  • Complications including a significant aneurysm event to main  hepatic artery
  • 6 months –  weekly chemo Gem/Cis (12 hr days)
  • 15 months – 3 weekly Immunotherapy – Keytruda
  • Current – Keynote trial 158 – 2017 to 2023 (Global)
  • Trial Status as at Oct 2019: Period 2015-2019: Intake 22 CCA patients – 2 succeeded
  • Global Patient success from a metastatic setting = 3 as recorded since trials began
Quick Patient Stats
  • No Cure
  • Av survival period 6.7 months
  • 5 year survival stat metastatic = > 1%
  • 5 year non metastatic = > 8%
  • Comparatives: Pancreatic=10%; Brain=40%; Breast Cancer=93%; Prostate=98%

I am in the 1% of the 1% of all cancer patients to have the word “Cure’ and Cancer referenced in the same sentence –
Chemo does not cure cancer, it manages it –
Immunotherapy creates the workaround and curative outhcome. –
Steve Holmes – Profiled

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Strava Club .
What is Ride Gold Coast ?

A central village hub for all things cycling on the Gold Coast –

Group Rides, Chat Room for meeting Cyclists, Cycling Adventures and Destinations, Events, Buy Sell and more.

A Nirvana packed with fit, healthy and insanely good looking cyclists like nowhere else on the planet! Be Smart! come pedal in Paradise with us.

cycling in paradise - Ride Gold Coast
Steve Holmes – Profiled

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CycleEvents is about to go under the scalpel for a significant amount of plastic surgery! 

What is Cycleevents ?

A Villager styled community centred around road cycling events across Australia and New Zealand

305 Events

Interesting note – Rotary are the largest event provider

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cycling in paradise - Ride Gold Coast
Steve Holmes – Profiled

Rebuilding the Village Relevance

The Village is the lifestyle environment within the suburb

The Villager builds the culture within this village via shared visions and aspirations.
We have developed the platform that helps community suburbs find and develop their village.
Join me and help the great stuff happen!

Our most recent Suburb transformation. Aligning my Cancer and my Business is an art – Rule Number 1 – Acceptance

Terminal Cancer is a game changer

I am 1 of 4 to have ever survived the most hostile of all cancers – 1% of the 1% 

From Good to Great – that’s a very simple thought to embrace.
This very simple thought kept me moving forward despite the overwhelming stats against me, it also rubbed off on others by centralising and galvanising them around a theme to rise above and beyond their best. We did it, we beat an incurable unbeatable Cancer that gives most just 6.7 months of painful survival.

I cannot un-see, un-feel, un-pain, un-hear and un-experience – it all sticks. These are not experiences that you just block out, they are actually the ingredients to my new normal, and I chose to accepted all this very quickly. I know I am glossing over the “Acceptance” thing really quickly, the reality is accepting something that you do not want to accept cuts very very deep – but the reality within this is we simply cannot use all our other resources to move forward until we accept – it’s that simple. So transitioning back into the human race and its relentless unforgiving pace is also another challenge of acceptance and “getting over myself” . . .

I have made my first steps back into the business bun fight, but my re-entry has been bloody scary and my first efforts just horrible.

So onwards and upwards as I take that next step, and the one beyond that, until I transform this ugly duckling back into a beautiful pink flamingo.

Yes I have the responsibility –
People do not survive Metastatic Cholangiocarcinoma – I did.
There is good reason to be optimistic that others will follow me, and it begins with the FACT that very few are getting the simple $500 IHC test that determines if they have a profile that fits an ICI pathway. Patients with molecular profiles like mine are dying simply because their oncology team has not ordered the test and this represents the majority of newly diagnosed patients across the globe. The medical profession has not yet caught up. The knowledge is documentented and the information available, but the access and downstreaming of it is very antiquated an non effective on mass. Now that is a problem needing a solution!

I am on a mission to find my sweet spot of relevance.
An intersection of what I am really good at, passionate about and fits in with what people really need.

I am part of the cancer cure equation.
Cholangiocarcinoma like pancreatic cancer is the most hostile of all cancers, and if you become metastatic like I did, there is no coming back.
Yet I am now a patient that has interrupted the stats and has the word cure tentatively referred to around my outcome. How is this possible ? Nobel Prize Winner Jim Allisons massive 2014 breakthrough in discovering the CTLA- 4 immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) pathway. A significant penicillin moment in medical history.

Aligning my Cancer and my Business is an art – Rule Number 2 – Willingness without proof

Smashing down the status quo

Do you want to accelerate the Cancer Cure ? 

Immunology and its Immunotherapy agents are highly targeted treatments –
We now have the technology and skills to create highly targeted information that reaches the bulls eye – the newly diagnosed patients and their Doctors at the moment of diagnosis.
What we now need is to turn the community into a highly targeted and transparent force that can donate dollars on target – we have the technology to achieve this.
A paddock to plate signature – Aligning my Cancer and my Business is an art – Rule Number 3 – Write your own story

Vision & Direction

Dream past the realities of others

  1. Keep breathing and prove that Noble Prize winner Jim Allison’s curative pathway is durable.
  2. Rebuild my relevance through the blending of my Cancer and Business knowledge. Investing my resources into Villages will enhance this vision.
  3. Centralise and share targeted Patient knowledge Experiences and Wisdoms, this will improve patient outcomes and rescue families from chaos.
  4. Create the ‘tinder’ for mutations – this will change patient outcomes forever.
  5. Pay back all those who invested so much into my unlikely survival – How ? By fulfilling the opportunity and sharing it to others in need.

Ps I still want to ride the tour de France and then do the length of NZ –Aligning my Cancer and my Business is an art