Observation on Emerging Trends
March 3rd 2020
Action – Green

DNA awareness and its uses in everyday life will become a bigger avalanche than the impact we have experience in mobile phones over the past decade…. more on this subject and iits opportunitiesĀ  – coming soon

March 1st 2020
Action – Green

Renovation work is on an upswing as building growth slows heading for a cliff somewhere near you – Watch for displaced tradies looking for opportunity to become self employed and deal direct.
I think this will be a tradie market play –
The Tradie will be the customer in the market for buying picks and shovels to go after the reno gold –
I expect a rise in new tradie base business ventures particularly in specialty work ie Kitchens or Bathrooms only.

I am digging in deeper to see who will influence and who will benefit.

Feb 23rd 2020
Action – Green

Watch for the embedded technology reboot in 2020 – a simple example is embedded QR or chipped business cards. But that is only the beginning as we track and log our way through life. This will impact us all in our business, personal and health activities.

We are trialing, biz cards with embedded surprises – more to comeĀ 

Uber Drivers are now being paid to keep their radio set to a preferred station whether the Uber customer likes it or not – This Radio Station marketing trick is catching on and spreading through other ride share options and the cabbies themselves – where does this head and who monitors the soundwaves in car – what about the poor fare paying customer is this going to drive them to another cab?

USA: Restaurant initiative /