Discover the power of genomic understanding in curing your cancer. Learn about cells, genes, and genomics and your power within

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Steve Holmes
“Improving cancer survival through simplified genetics and patient empowerment.”

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The Empowered Patient:

Curing Cancer with Knowledge By Unlocking the Power Within You


Cell City Nucleus-City Hall Genes -GeneticBlueprints mRNA- City Planners Genomics-Google Earth

Let’s take a quick dive into where this knowledge begins:

JUNE 24, 2023
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The Science of ‘The Empowered Patient’ begins with demystifying the basics.

Imagine a world within us, a thriving realm of Cell Cities, each functioning like a bustling nation of cities that construct and maintain our healthy ecosystem.

Cells, resembling vibrant cities, collaborating harmoniously to uphold our well-being.

The nucleus, acting as the City Hall, safeguards essential genes, the intricate blueprints and instruction manuals that define our existence. They orchestrate the operations of each Cell City, supplying and managing crucial instructions.

mRNA, the dedicated city planners, diligently serve the genes, ensuring seamless communication of instructions between City Hall and the Cell Cities.

Genomics serves as a powerful tool, akin to Google Earth’s sweeping overview, enabling us to zoom in and analyze specific locations within the Cell Cities. It checks if the blueprints are intact and if the mRNA city planners are accurately relaying instructions to the Cell Cities. By identifying any discrepancies, genomics equips us with the knowledge to take proactive action.

Armed with this knowledge, we can more accurately pinpoint the intricacies of what is happening within our bodies. By gaining this deeper understanding, we can act more precisely and efficiently. It empowers us to make informed decisions, while healthcare professionals can develop personalized strategies to conquer cancer swiftly and effectively.

So, now you know the key actors and players that contribute to our health:

  1. Cells are like bustling cities, working together for our well-being.
  2. The nucleus serves as the City Hall of each cell city, overseeing operations.
  3. Genes act as the invaluable blueprints we inherit, shaping who we are.
  4. mRNA takes on the role of city planners, facilitating communication and executing instructions.
  5. Genomics acts as a powerful tool, providing us with an overview and zoom function similar to Google Earth.

Together, this knowledge forms the foundation for empowering our journey toward a healthier future. By harnessing the power of these actors and players, we can conquer cancer before it gains a foothold over our health. As an empowered patient, you play a crucial role in initiating and unlocking this potential. Science is ever-present, ready to serve and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Together, with knowledge and awareness, we can take charge of our health, defeat cancer, and create a future where well-being prevails.